Creating Galloo Plastics

1992 marked the beginning of an intensive research programme into the processing of shredder residue by Galloo Recycling Group (the European leader in metal recycling).

Following this research the Galloo Recycling Group and the holding company, Environnement 2000, established a new company in 1997: Galloo Plastics S.A. Galloo Plastics brought a genuine revolution with it. Post-consumer Plastics (automobile, household waste, electrical and electronic waste) could now be recycled on an industrial scale.

A showcase of expertise, the plants sorting capacity can reach 90 000 tons per year.

Production capacity (90 000 tons per year), stable and secure raw materials market and many years of experience make plant of Halluin one of European leaders in plastics recycling.

A company with an international focus

With a team that can work internationally, Galloo Plastics is more than ever facing the world. Indeed, the company gets its raw material supply within Europe and 75% of turnover is made on export.

75% of our production is sold internationally.

Moreover the sister company ECR designs and installs sorting plants based on the same technologies. They already installed plants in e.g. Sweden and the Netherlands.

Sustainable development

Deeply rooted in sustainable development, Galloo Plastics is a company which contributes in promoting and conserving a sustainable environment. The company is ISO-9001, 14001 certified.

Galloo Plastics made sustainable development a priority.

The recycling business is a supporting the environment and participates in shaping a new model of society. With its sustainable development, Galloo Plastics creates new jobs in thermoplastic recycling. Galloo Plastics invests a substantial amount in research and development to enable it to achieve its ultimate goal: 100% recycling of all thermoplastics of consumer goods.

Let’s Recycle Plastics !